8 Must-Follow Twitter Accounts on Writing

Writing resources on TwitterWriting is the area where nearly every one of us could use improvement, and improving one’s writing is never a one-time task, but an ongoing lifetime-long process. The power of crisp compelling word can hardly be overestimated, especially in the age of Social Media. Wherever we turn, everyone‘s now writing — be it on their personal blogs, forums, microblogs, social network profiles, or even in comments under blogs posts and articles that they care about.

This Friday, I would like to list 8 Twitter accounts that will help you improve your writing:

  1. Brian Clark (aka Copyblogger) — Believes that “the missing ingredients that prevent more people from succeeding with online marketing” are precisely “content strategies and copywriting skills.” One of my personal favorites on the topic.
  2. Fuel Your Writing — Dedicated to bringing you the tools necessary to “fuel” your passion for writing of all types.
  3. Write to Done — Passionate about writing. Offers unmissable articles on writing and blogging by Leo Babauta of Zen Habits, Mary Jaksch, and guests.
  4. Jon WinokurCompendium of quotes, anecdotes and writerly wisdom compiled by the author of Advice To Writers (Pantheon) and The Big Curmudgeon (Black Dog & Leventhal).
  5. Daily Writing TipsDaily tips on grammar, spelling, punctuations, freelance writing and more.
  6. WritersGroup — Tweets about language, writing, blogging, journalism, and more.
  7. Joanna PennAuthor, speaker, blogger, traveler, reinventor of self. Learning and blogging about writing, publishing and book marketing.
  8. ShutUpAndWrite — Writing tips, classes and webinars from D. Ladd, a writer and reporter.

As always, if I have missed your favorite one, please do post about it below (in the “Comments” area). I myself am wide open to learning from others, and other readers of my blog will also benefit from your input.

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