15 Must-Follow Mobile Marketing Twitter Accounts

Mobile marketing Twitter accountsMobile is gaining more and more popularity, and who else should be more prepared to embrace it than digital marketers? Nobody, right? Well… Experience shows that mobile Internet and mobile commerce are somewhat different from mainstream Internet and e-commerce, and while may of the digital marketing skills will be of benefit, to succeed with mobile you need to know the differences and peculiarities of mobile website development, mobile SEO, mobile usability, etc.

Here are the 15 Twitter accounts you must follow if you’re really serious about mobile marketing:

  1. Mobile MarketerThe news leader in mobile marketing, media and commerce.
  2. Cindy Krum — Mobile marketing evangelist, founder of Rank-Mobile, and author of author of Mobile Marketing: Finding Your Customers No Matter Where They Are.
  3. Mobile Marketing Association — Premier global association that strives to stimulate the growth of mobile marketing and its related technologies.
  4. iLoop Mobile — Tweets about measurable mobile marketing.
  5. Matt Parzych — Tweets on useful, effective, innovative communications between businesses and their mobile audience.
  6. MobiAd News — Tweets about mobile advertising and mobile marketing.
  7. AdMob — Official Twitter account of AdMob.
  8. Mashable Mobile — Mobile news, app reviews, information and more from Mashable.com/mobile.
  9. Kim DushinskiFounder of Mobile Marketing Profits, author of The Mobile Marketing Handbook, co-host of Mobile Presence radio show.
  10. Mobile Marketing Magazine — Tweets of a London-based website devoted to serving the global mobile marketing industry.
  11. Deborah Hall — Good informative tweets from Web2Mobile, a developer mobile marketing tools and solutions.
  12. MobileCrunchThe official twitter account for MobileCrunch.
  13. OnlyMobileNews — Twitter stream of the latest news in mobile technology.
  14. The Text Works — Passionate about making the benefits of mobile messaging accessible to all organizations. Focused solely on SMS marketing.
  15. Texting Forward — Mobile marketing (especially SMS marketing), mobile service solutions, and more.

If I have missed any that, in your opinion, should be on this list too, please post about them in the “Comments” are below. I would highly appreciate it.

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  1. @punchkickmobile is the twitter account for Punchkick Interactive, America’s first design firm to focus exclusively on full-service mobile marketing. The @punchkickmobile account is used primarily for posting mobile marketing statistics, and links to relevant mobile marketing articles.


  2. James, Ryan, thank you for adding these accounts to the list. I’ve just looked through the tweets in both, and between the two of them a lot of good info is being shared. Thanks for that.

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