For Successful Blogging Remember CCCP

CCCP quality signI know, CCCP may not bring up good memories in most minds, but today I’d like to give the old abbreviation a new meaning — one that comes from my personal experience and understanding of what makes a good blog post, and a good blogger.

There are 4 adjectives to remember:

C – Consistent (a-post-a-day keeps search engines awake)
C – Concise (most blog readers appreciate eloquence)
C – Clear (most blog readers don’t want rocket science)
P – Practical (and, of course, be as pragmatic as possible)

Most of my blog posts that have become popular reflected all of the above.

PS: The image chosen to go with this post carries an important meaning. It portrays an egg and a ping pong ball — both stamped with what used to be the USSR’s most famous logo. We called it “государственный знак качества” (literally the “state quality sign”), and it appeared on products which went through a state system of attestation meant to endorse products of superior (or high class) quality.

2 thoughts on “For Successful Blogging Remember CCCP”

  1. There are 100s of blogs I’d like to read and visit everyday but some of them (imho) struggle with C#2 (unlike Seth’s and yours).

    C#1 is a challenge until one gets into a habit I suppose.

    Oh and I have great memories associated with CCCP (not so much right after ’91).

    1. Yep, all of these are actually challenging (to most bloggers). Keeping them in mind helps make the goal(s) more attainable though.

      BTW, I also have many good memories associated with CCCP, but I was too small/young to be able to see the full picture (which wasn’t as beautiful as what I saw) back then.

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