9 Internet Marketing Magazines To Subscribe To

Magazines and periodicalsDue to the dynamic nature of the discipline most of the content on Internet marketing is being published via digital media. However, there are a number of periodicals that I find to be useful in my day-to-day work, and I would certainly recommend them to any online marketer to subscribe to.

Below you may find my list. I am proud to say that I am a regular contributor to 5 out of the 9 below magazines. The magazine titles are arranged in a purely alphabetical order, and the below list is not meant to look like any sort of ranking.

  1. Electronic Retailer [website | FB] — The official publication of the Electronic Retailing Association, published since 2004. Covers a range of topics essential for everyone involved in e-commerce. See also their OnlineStrategiesMag.com website.
  2. FeedFront [website | Twitter] — The official magazine of Affiliate Summit. Full of eloquent, to-the-point articles, directly or indirectly related to affiliate marketing. Free subscription.
  3. Internet Retailer [website | Twitter] — Launched way back in March 1999, to this date this magazine remains “the leading authority on the world of e-commerce.” Free subscription.
  4. Revenue Performance [website | Twitter] — Originally started under the name Revenue, this is the world’s oldest periodical dedicated solely to affiliate marketing. Its “comprehensive articles include all relevant points of view including those of merchants, website publishers, affiliate networks, industry watchers and market researchers.”
  5. Search Engine Marketing Journal [website | Twitter] — The world’s “first printed journal dedicated to the advancement of search marketing through peer-reviewed articles.” It’s a very different type of publication. Each article truly shines. I highly recommend it, and not just because I am one of the journal’s senior editors. It’s a truly solid journal.
  6. Search Marketing Standard [website | Twitter] — This is a “leading print publication covering the search marketing industry” which has been published since 2006 “providing readers with practical, relevant, and easy-to-understand information they could apply to directly improve their search engine marketing campaigns.” The magazine currently has over 50,000 subscribers, and is a quarterly publication.
  7. Target Marketing [website | Twitter] — This is a magazine on “strategies and solutions for profitable direct marketing,” but since web marketing is precisely about targeted direct marketing, it covers a number of Internet marketing topics such as email, SEO, search, social media, and more.
  8. Visibility [website | Twitter] — This magazine “began in 2007 as a print magazine dedicated to bringing vision, clarity, and visibility to the internet marketing industry.” It covers a wide range of topics including but not limited to SEO, paid search, Social Media optimization, mobile marketing, affiliate marketing, email marketing, and much more.
  9. Website Magazine [website | Twitter] — Founded in 2005, it focused “exclusively on the business of running a website: tips for successful websites, solutions for enhancing website traffic, the latest Internet industry trends and statistics, as well as news analysis on the Internet industry.” At the time of this post this magazine reaches over 140,000 “qualified website owners and Internet professionals and the largest audience of website owners and managers in the field.”

Have I missed your favorite magazine or journal? If I have, please post about it in the “Comments” area below.

8 thoughts on “9 Internet Marketing Magazines To Subscribe To”

  1. Lisa, thank you for your comment. I have never heard of “Winning the Web”. Thank you for mentioning it. I’ve just subscribed.

  2. Nice list. I’m looking for writing opportunities at the moment so I’ll probably get in touch with a couple of these.

    Any idea which are most likely to accept content?

  3. I like the Search Engine Marketing Journal because they can provide much useful information on marketing. Now I can add to knowledge of marketing because you’ve made a list of internet marketing magazine. Thanks for the list.


  4. Cool list… Revenue Performance is still very good, even today. I haven’t heard of a lot of these, and I realize this post is a little old, but I’ll check ’em out nonetheless.



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