Daily Blogging Increases Traffic Yielding Higher Social Engagement

BloggerI know the title of the post may sound banal and obvious, but it wasn’t such to me when after 500+ days of daily blogging I decided to take a break, and write only Mondays through Fridays. I had heard some old-time bloggers argue that regularity is no longer the key, and I decided to test things on my own blog.

Saturdays and Sundays have historically been the worst traffic days for my blog. Well… They’ve become even worse when I took the brief break from my a-post-a-day blogging pattern, and started having weekends.

Two weeks ago I resumed my daily blogging, and reaped immediate results.

We’ve already had 4 weekends this month. I did not blog on 07/03-04 and 07/10-11, and did write on 07/17-18 and 07/24-25. Let’s now compare the changes.

Traffic Impact

Looking at the traffic stats from my Google Analytics report, I see the following picture (weekends highlighted, and arrow added to show how weekend traffic increased on the 07/17 when I posted on Saturday):

Daily blogging impact on traffic

I’ve registered some 14% traffic increase the weekend I resumed daily blogging (on 07/17-18), and a further increase of over 53% during the weekend that followed (or 07/24-25).

Social Engagement Impact

Looking at the blog’s social engagement — or the resonance that a blog’s content has across multiple social platforms (starting from comments on your own blog, and going beyond them: to Twitter, Facebook, Digg, StumbleUpon, Google Buzz, etc) — we see a picture that is even more encouraging.

Here’s a chart from my PostRank report:

PostRank chart of social engagement points

Regularity is obviously extremely important. So, after a few weeks of rest, I’m back to my daily blogging.

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