ShareASale vs Commission Junction: Banner Upload Convenience

one at a timeI manage an affiliate program for a merchant who is simultaneously utilizing two affiliate networks: Commission Junction and ShareASale.

I’ve just had to upload 6 new banners to each network, and in one case it took me 8+ times longer than in the other. Here are the details:

  • Commission Junction – 6 minutes 8 seconds (or 368 seconds)
  • ShareASale – 45 seconds

How so?

ShareASale has a Mass / Bulk Banner Upload function where you can upload up to 10 banners at once:

ShareASale mass / bulk banner upload function

In Commission Junction’s case, on the other hand, you have to upload each banner individually using a form like this:

Commission Junction banner upload function

Anything that can be done to streamline and simplify the online work process simply must be done!

If you’re an affiliate network rep reading this, please do everything possible to make life easier and more convenient for your clients (merchants and affiliates).

11 thoughts on “ShareASale vs Commission Junction: Banner Upload Convenience”

  1. Allowing multiple manual uploads is definitely pretty slick.

    We have an API module that allows creation of ad campaigns in an
    automated fashion. Takes some programming, but it’s powerful and being used quite a lot..

    Here’s the documentation (with sample usage) for that module:

  2. Alas I have the same time consuming task on CJ. Another banner note … compare CJ and SAS when it come to the ease of inserting banner links and other ‘tags’ within emails to your affiliate partners.

  3. Yes, Karrine I really appreciate the opportunity to offer my ShareASale affiliates affiliate ID-embedded banners (and other links) right in the approval email, and in every newsletter. I wish CJ had that too.

  4. I am just starting to see the “merchant” side of things on different networks and must say that SAS beats most of them by the streamlined application and implementation process.

  5. I think every affiliate network out there has a lot of room for improvement. It is good, however, when the network actually hears you, and implements the changes/suggestions.

  6. This would definitely be convenient in CJ but would only work for multiple banners that have the same link/category/alternate text, etc. right? (aka different sizes of the same banner)

  7. Yes, Stacey, this would work only for banners in the same category and landing on the same page. They can be different banners, but the landing page for all would have to be the same.

  8. Hi Geno,
    I’m considering whether to go with CJ or SAS to sell my products.
    And your blog post has helped me understand a few points.

  9. Hi Geno,

    I am new to affiliate marketing. Could you please tell me some tools and software to create beautiful banners ?

    By the way, what software do you use ?


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