7 Online Marketing Conferences to Attend

It is no secret that every year there are some 20 affiliate marketing conferences being held around the globe (half of which generally happens in North America). However, besides the ones devoted specifically to affiliate marketing, there are a number of other conferences excellent conferences (dedicated to broader online marketing) I’d recommend attending.

Top 7Out of all others that are regularly being held throughout the world, I would like to single out the following seven.

[The order is merely alphabetical and is not meant to be read as a ranking of any kind]

  1. ad:tech (2010-2011 locations: Sydney, San Francisco, Singapore, London, Shanghai, Tokyo, Beijing, New York)
  2. eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit (upcoming 2010-2011 cities: Stockholm, Washington, Madrid, San Francisco, Munich, Toronto, Sydney, London, Paris)
  3. Internet Retailer Conference & Exhibition (Chicago)
  4. Internet Marketing Conference (2010 cities: Vancouver, New York, San Francisco, Santiago, Barcelona, Helsinki, Stockholm, Montreal, Calgary, Copenhagen)
  5. PubCon (Las Vegas)
  6. Search Engine Strategies (2010-2011 locations: San Francisco, Hong Kong, Chicago, Berlin, London, San Diego, Amsterdam, New York, Toronto)
  7. Search Marketing Expo (2010-2011 cities: New York, Seattle, Toronto, San Jose, London, Munich, Paris, Stockholm, Sydney)

Interesting observations on the most popular locations:

  • New York City and San Francisco — two most popular conference cities in USA
  • London and Stockholm — most popular locations in Europe
  • Sydney — the city of choice for the Asia-Pacific region

As a bonus, from the international ones, consider also Digital Content Marketing which is being held in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

As always, if I have missed your personal favorite(s), please post about it/them below (in the “Comments”).

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