7 R's of Good Management and Leadership

7 Rs of Management and LeadershipI’ve blogged about my 3 R’s of affiliate program management success, and have also mentioned those 3 R’s in a number of my conference presentations. Then I had 2 more R’s borrowed from Brian Tracy’s post on The Two R’s of Top Leaders. Today I’d like to add even 2 more.

In my opinion, a good manager (regardless of whether they direct an affiliate program, a factory, or a country) and a true leader should reflect the following 7 R’s. They should be:

  1. Reachable — approachable and easy to contact
  2. Responsive — not only listening, but hearing
  3. Real — sincere, authentic, and not wearing a mask
  4. Realistic — aware of things as they are, and transferring this awareness onto everything from estimates to goals and expectations
  5. Responsible — liable to be called on to answer, even if the only person he/she is accountable to is him/herself
  6. Reflective — able of pausing and reflecting yourself (aka: thoughtful), as well as capable of producing reflection in followers
  7. Resonating — deeply empathetic towards followers, and capable of identifying with their feelings, needs, and emotions

Have I missed anything else?

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