Good Affiliate Application or What Affiliate Managers Want to See

About a month ago, I made a blog post on the 3 signs that tell you to decline an affiliate application. It was an international (i.e. non-US) affiliate, and an Ireland-based search and affiliate marketer, Dave Davis quickly commented:

Wow, awesome seeing the “other side” of the applications. This example is an absolute shocker.

Would love to see a post on a “perfect example” of an international affiliate application from the backend of CJ.

A “perfect example” is yet to roll in, but here’s a screenshot of a very good one (out of the UK) that I’ve reviewed today:

affiliate application

Apart from a couple of spelling mistakes in the description of his “Special / Incentive Program”, this affiliate has demonstrated the things every affiliate program manager wants to see right away:

  1. They have included their full name, and an email address on a domain of their own
  2. Their websites make it clear how exactly they are going to be marketing the merchant, and the text does correspond with the “Promotional Methods” they have indicated
  3. The details of their incentive program also make general sense

While it’s not a “perfect” affiliate application as such, it came quite close to it, and deserved the mention.

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