25 Twitter Accounts to Follow for Small Business Advice

Small business experts on TwitterIt’s Friday again, and I decided to dedicate my today’s #FollowFriday-style post to experts and companies that tweet great small business advice.

My list is actually made up of two smaller lists: 10 people, and 15 periodicals and small business communities to follow.

Disclaimer: None of the below are meant to be a ranking of any kind.

Small Business Experts:

  1. Anita Campbell — Besides being a good friend of mine, Anita is also the CEO of Small Business Trends, an online small business community reaching over 250,000 each month. Her tweets, articles and interviews are always insightful, and highly recommended.
  2. Alexandra LevitBusiness/workplace author, speaker, and columnist. Helping people find meaningful work and succeed once they get there.
  3. John JantschSmall business marketing and digital technology coach and author of Duct Tape Marketing and The Referral Engine.
  4. Dane CarlsonBlogger, consultant. Business opportunities and ideas expert.
  5. Melinda EmersonHost #SmallBizChat, author, speaker, and business coach. Expert in start-up, social media marketing & reinventing a business.
  6. Martin ZwillingVeteran startup mentor, executive, blogger, author, tech professional, and angel investor. Published on Forbes, Harvard Business Review, and Huffington Post.
  7. Pamela SlimBusiness coach and author of Escape from Cubicle Nation.
  8. Brent LearyCo-founder and partner of CRM Essentials LLC, a CRM consulting/advisory firm focused on small and mid-size enterprises.
  9. Becky McCrayRural entrepreneur. Teaching new marketing with TourismCurrents.com. Learning from small town businesses about survival and community building.
  10. Michael PortNew York Times bestselling author of four books including Book Yourself Solid, Beyond Booked Solid, The Contrarian Effect and The Think Big Manifesto. Founder of Booked Solid Univeristy, a coaching program for small business owners.

Periodicals & Online Business Communities:

  1. Harvard Business Review
  2. Fortune Magazine
  3. Entrepreneur Magazine
  4. New York Times Small Business
  5. WSJ Business
  6. WSJ Personal Finance
  7. Forbes
  8. LA Times Business News
  9. Fast Company
  10. Small Business Expo
  11. True Small Business
  12. Small Business Tech
  13. Success Magazine
  14. YoungEntrepreneur.com
  15. AOL Small Business

If I have missed your favorite accounts, please mention them in the “Comments” area below.

8 thoughts on “25 Twitter Accounts to Follow for Small Business Advice”

  1. Love it! I market to…and more importantly for…small businesses in the Houston area. This list is really helpful for me…to help my clients! Small businesses are always forgotten and I appreciate you publishing this list.

  2. I’d like to call attention to the UnderstandingMarketing.com blog, which is designed as a DIY resource for entrepreneurs looking to do their own marketing and PR.


  3. Geno,

    Great list – one or two I haven’t seen before, plus some old favourites like Duct Tape marketing and Fast Company. I also like Ian Brodie’s blog for small businesses that’s aimed at a similar market to Michael Port. You can find him at http://www.IanBrodie.com with lots of information to help consultants and professional services firms.


    Lee Duncan

  4. Glad you have all enjoyed the list, and thank you for the suggestions on who else to follow. I wish more people with active Twitter accounts were mentioned though.

  5. Glad so many people have enjoyed this list. Thank you for your comments and retweets, Melinda and Brooke. This post has just broken the Twitter RT and Facebook “Like” records in my blog.

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