Help Me Pick a Twitter Handle

Being a fairly active Twitter user, I know how much people appreciate short and easy-to-remember Twitter handles. It’s good for RTs, and any mentions of a Twitter user’s name in tweets.

My current one (@eprussakov) may not an example of such a handle though. So, I’m thinking of possibly changing it.

However, since those who follow me on Twitter will be affected by this change (the new handle will have be truly rememberable and naturally associated with me), I really need your help here. If you could, please vote on the below poll choosing the handle you like best:

Many thanks in advance for your help, folks!

Should you decide to go with the option “Other” (elaborating on your choice in the respective field), or want to leave your thoughts on this idea of mine below, it would be much appreciated too.

2 thoughts on “Help Me Pick a Twitter Handle”

  1. Geno-

    Short and sweet is ideal. I agree.

    If you want to continue to market yourself as an expert in the affiliate world, I would consider getting “affiliate” in there somehow. Off the top of my head….something like “affiliateexpert” or affilatepro” or “proaffiliate” would be more valuable than your name.

    Having to explain an underscore or any symbol is a pain, so I’d rule those out.

    That’s my two cents…

  2. Mark, thank you for your input. I agree with you re those underscores. I wish Twitter was letting you use dashes instead. Dashes would be better, but you’re right, any symbol (other than letters) is a pain… I don’t know about limiting myself to “affiliate” only (besides affiliate marketing, I also write about leadership, motivation, Social Media, etc). That’s why the closest I’ve come to incorporating “affiliate” into my options was “GenoAM” (as in “affiliate marketer” or “affiliate manager”). It’s a popular choice (judging by the votes), but between “eprussakov”, “prussakov” and “other” (which allow room for either) we currently have 56%. So, judging by the results of the poll so far, it seems sensible to either keep things on the way they are now, or drop the “e” (to market just the lastname).

    I appreciate everyone’s vote. 36 opinions is a significantly enough sample already. Of course, the more, the merrier; so, more votes are certainly welcomed. Many thanks in advance.

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