Want Me to Speak at Affiliate Summit West 2011? Vote for Me!

My Affiliate Summit West 2010 experience was a blast. Almost full room at my “20 Affiliate Program Management Mistakes to Avoid” presentation [slide deck on SlideShare here], and comments like the below ones left in the feedback forms:

  • Excellent, well-spoken, presented well, concise information, engaging.
  • Very interesting! Brilliant presentation.
  • Great session, Great examples.
  • Great job! Very informative and entertaining.
  • Very comprehensive covering all main issues to take care of when running an affiliate program.
  • Very informative and candid.
  • Geno shined during his presentation…
  • Geno has amazing ideas and explains them with humor and examples to back them up. Best session yet.
  • Excellent, very informative.
  • Really liked the presenter. Spoke well to motivate the audience rather than chastise.
  • Great speaker, good insight, valuable information.
  • Awesome, great content, well presented.
  • Great presentation, great information, well presented and made personal.
  • Excellent presentation. Very well organized. Knowledgeable presenter. Much better content than when you have multiple speakers. Focused.

I had to miss Affiliate Summit East 2010 (we were on our yearly trip back to Russia when it was held in New York), but I’ve submitted my proposal to speak at Affiliate Summit West 2011 (to be held in Las Vegas, on January 9-11, 2011).

Vote for Affiliate Summit sessionsUnlike it was in the past, when speaking proposals were reviewed and decided on by the advisory board only, Affiliate Summit is now practicing a more democratic selection procedure (for the second time in a row) — now besides the conference founders and the advisory board, “folks registered for the conference” also “have a vote on the session topics”. And today Shawn Collins has announced that the voting is open. It’ll run for almost two weeks (from today until Friday, October 8), and I would highly appreciate your support there. You may vote for my session here.

The topic of my presentation is “Essentials Overlooked by 90% of Affiliate Managers”. In it I will address at least 10 crucial elements of affiliate program management that are being overlooked by the majority of merchants. I am confident that not one listener will have all of these covered. So, the session should be of great benefit for every merchant who wants to run a truly affiliate-friendly program.

Once again, you may vote for me here, and I thank you in advance for your support.

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