Fundraising Idea for Churches, Missionaries and Charities

FundraisingI have a lot of Christian friends who are either missionaries or participate in some kind of ministry that could use an extra financial help. Nearly every week I receive emails from asking if I could commit to support this or that ministry or cause. However, due to the number of these requests, I simply cannot entertain every one of them. I highly respect what they do, and really do feel bad about those whose requests for help I have to turn down. Hence, the idea for this post…

The holiday shopping season is quickly approaching, and I have an idea that nearly every missionary or charity organization (or individual) can use to raise money: become an affiliate.

Affiliate programs pay you a commission (generally a percentage) for every sale you refer to them. It is no secret that people spend generously on gifts for their loved ones. So, they will spend the money anyway. However, if prior to them going to a merchant’s website, they receive your email (either with special deals from the merchants of your choice) or visit your webpage where they can click your affiliate links (leading to merchant websites), you will get the commission for every order they make with that merchant within the duration of cookie life. You may learn more about affiliates and affiliate marketing from the following previous posts (and video) of mine:

Should you have any questions, feel free to either post them in the “Comments” area below, or email them to me, and I will happily help you with answers. My advice won’t cost you anything.

2 thoughts on “Fundraising Idea for Churches, Missionaries and Charities”

  1. I just received an email from the Boy Scouts that as a way to raise money, if people sign up under their special “Boy Scout link” they’ll receive $75. Hrm… or join the program in CJ and receive $110 for every signup.

    Almost seems like there’s room for a middle-man here (and there probably is in the Boy Scout example)

  2. Just to make sure I understand what you’re saying, Eric: the Boy Scouts’ email said they receive $75 from every sign-up, but the merchant/advertiser themselves is actually paying $110 through their affiliate program on CJ?

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