Value-Added Affiliate Marketing – Case

Yesterday I discovered a cool tool, tweeted about it, and obviously wasn’t the only one who loved the idea:


So what exactly does do?

It helps you search for domain names, but in a way that’s very different from what domain registrars traditionally offer you. searches for all available domain extensions and shows you which domains are available, and how you can get one associated with your keyword or brand name.

Say, JCPenney wanted to get a short URL (to distribute their deals and promos through social media channels, and Twitter, in particular). We type in JCPenney, and get these results/suggestions:

Wow! There’s actually a two-letter domain available out there! Search for your brand, or keyword(s) too. More than likely you will find a handful of interesting domain names too.

So, how do the owners/developers of earn their money to support such a beautiful service absolutely free of charge? Well, they actually get a commission on every domain name registered. You pay the registrar whatever fee they would charge you anyway, but the registrar pays their affiliate commission.

Obviously the value-added service that this affiliate provides is appreciated by the ~20,000-30,000 unique visitors that they get consistently get every month: traffic per

I think this makes a great example of how affiliates can truly enhance merchants’ offers, being compensated through affiliate programs in return.

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