15 Factors Detrimental to Affiliate Program Choice (Revisited)

In the beginning of August 2010, I wrote about the 15 factors that influence affiliate choice in picking a program. Today, as I was looking through my previously-posted polls, I’ve come across this one, and was happy to see that we’ve had more votes roll in since the time of my last referring to this poll (some 70 affiliates have voted already), and the distribution of votes has changed a little, making the overall look considerably more clear (and even moving some of the factors a notch up). Here is the latest data:

  1. Commission amount (71%)
  2. Website usability, leaks, etc (57%)
  3. Merchant’s reputation / reliability (54%)
  4. Conversion rate (45%)
  5. Tracking / reporting platform used (38%)
  6. Cookie life (36%)
  7. Prices / competitiveness (33%)
  8. Market saturation (29%)
  9. EPC (32%)
  10. Creatives (29%)
  11. Tools (25%)
  12. Management & approachability (23%)
  13. Commission recurrence (19%)
  14. Terms of service (16%)
  15. Reversal rate (12%)

If you haven’t yet voted, I would certainly appreciate you participating in that poll too.

2 thoughts on “15 Factors Detrimental to Affiliate Program Choice (Revisited)”

  1. I’m very suprised to see the number of people who make decisions primarily on commission amount. What good is a 70% commission in a poorly run program with no TOS? Scary data there IMHO.

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