Latin America Affiliate Marketing Networks

An affiliate has emailed me the following question:

Do you know any affiliate networks that operate in the Latin America region, and especially in Brazil and Argentina?

Good one. I haven’t worked with any of them, but I know they do exist (focusing either on both US Hispanic audiences, and Latin American ones, or just on specific countries of Latin America). They aren’t many, but here are a few to check out:

I have also spoken about this with Viktor Zeman of who sells PostAffiliateNetwork, as solution to start and run your own affiliate network, and here’s what his reply was:

I have to say we are not seeing strong sales in Latin America region. Out of about 15,000 installations of our product worldwide, only 73 are from Brazil, and all of those were for PostAffiliatePro [my comment: not a solution for networks, but rather, in-house affiliate programs]

The conclusion is yours to make, but apparently affiliate marketing still isn’t particularly strong in Latin America.

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  1. At some point in the very distant future it will be truly awesome but they have a long way to catch up.
    I had a lot of sites targeting The Spanish market and the fraud rates just made it not worthwhile.

  2. Good list here!

    I am from Argentina and i manage the affiliate program of the company i work for.
    It is worldwide targeted, but we have a lot of work with southamerican region.

    Again, great article.


      1. Geno

        Here is a list of a bunch of networks you should consider because they work in latinamerica:

        Cloncom Calling cards affiliate program affiliate program affiliate program
        Mercadolibre affiliate program

        I tried Soicos and it is excellent.
        +1 i recommend it.

  3. nice list Geno (once again bravo! my friend) from what i see though all of them are CPA related, does anyone know any affiliate networks in latin america meaning they deal more with merchant who offer per sale, have a datafeed etc etc etc


  4. Geno, how are you!

    Let me introduce SOICOS, the first argentina affiliate network.

    During this year we´ll be opening offices in four countries of Latin America.

    Feel free to contact me!

    Best regards,

    Agustin Gau

  5. Youa re welcome Geno.

    For Argentina and Chile your best option is Soicos as mentioned before. There is also mercadoclicks from mercadolibre for almost all South America including Costa Rica (Central America) and a german network : zanox offres programs in some latin countries.
    But ZANOX and Mercadolibre both of them pays …almost nothing doesnt worth to work with them..not in Latin America.. in central america most webmasters use adsense…mostly for web ranking beacause they pay ..almost nothing and takes a lot of time… I used to work with adsense and CJ but being honest we are tired of these programs none of them consider us, our time.. because of this reason we are creating a new Affiliate Network – Marketing de Asociados (In spanish) an exclusive service for Latin America with complex and transparent information for all the involved parts.. we will be sharing a REAL 50/50 click comission with all our parners..persons interested on gathering more information about can visit our website:, email us: [email protected] or keep track of us here at Geno’s Blog – Thanks Geno..Thanks all for your time 😉

  6. Great information on the LATIN marketing. It seems to me – and I’m betting on it… that TONS more OPPORTUNITY is available in LATIN speaking areas of this planet. Working on making it happen. Thanks for the info! -RORY

  7. hi Geno, any chance you could advise on the affiliate program that has offers for “credit card” traffic from Brazil? We got quite strong rankigns there, but haven’t noticed any programs that have offers for that traffic on the “surface” .


  8. Geno, appreciate it. Given your expertise on the market – which niches you feel have the best performance/potential in Latin America in terms of further conversion of seo traffic with affiliate programs? Considering further growth in the region but not sure which verticals are to be considered?

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