Top 20 Affiliate Networks Chosen by 5000 Affiliate Marketers

Having surveyed more than 5,000 affiliates and merchants, and having conducted “dozens of discussions with industry experts and insiders”, Revenue Performance has announced the top ranked affiliate networks in the performance marketing industry. Some of the results may look surprising, others logical, but overall, it’s an interesting ranking, and I am pleased to see that all of my five choices made the top 10 list:

Top 10 Affiliate Networks

Revenue Performance wrote:

ClickBank is rated the #1 affiliate network… ClickBank didn’t just win the category in terms of the quantity of support they received — that might be expected given the size of their network — but also the quality of their support.

Publishers seem to love ClickBank’s platform and the accessibility that their offers provide. An impressive showing by a long-established network.   Commission Junction came a close second, with levels of support almost matching ClickBank’s.

The two stand-out affiliate networks were followed closely by ShareASale, Affiliate Window/, and oneNetworkDirect – three networks that attract high levels of loyalty and a great deal of support from the Blue-Ribbon Panel.

More about it here, and in the upcoming issue of Revenue Performance magazine.

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