Yahoo Launches Search Clues to Compete with Google Trends

Thanks to Sharon Mostyn for retweeting the following tweet by Wil Reynolds:

Wil Reynolds tweet

Apparently, this tool — a competitor of Google Trends —  has just been launched by Yahoo earlier this morning. In it’s blog Yahoo wrote about it:

Yahoo! Clues is a new beta service that gives you a unique “behind the scenes” look into popular trends across the millions of people who use Yahoo! to search each day.

With Yahoo! Clues, you can discover and compare trending information for search terms of interest to you, or explore popular trending search terms on Yahoo!

You can see search volume charts, demographic graphs, maps, or even related searches specific to a demographic group. We’re also experimenting with an interesting feature called “Search Flow,” which offers a unique look at people’s search patterns and the next most probable search term people try after searching for a query.

To visualize things better here are the Yahoo’s search “clues” for “affiliate marketing”:

Affiliate marketing search trends

You can try Yahoo Clues out at

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