Affiliate Networks Announce Holiday Deals and Offers

Coincidentally or not, but 3 of the 6 major US affiliate networks — and here I imply Commission Junction, LinkShare,, ShareASale, Google Affiliate Network and AvantLink — announced holiday deals and offers of their merchants on November 17, 2010. These are:

LinkShare affiliate network (in a blog post):

Holiday Offers from LinkShare Merchants

ShareASale affiliate network (internally through affiliate interface):
[Edit of 1:14 pm: ShareASale has just announced it in a blog post too]

ShareASale Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals

and AvantLink affiliate network (in a blog post):

AvantLink Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals

I haven’t seen Commission Junction announce anything like this. Neither have or Google Affiliate Network blogged about  anything similar. If they have, and I’ve missed it, please correct me. I know that individual merchants have been sending out notifications of their deals via email, but I haven’t seen those deals bring aggregated anywhere in one place on the latter three networks.


Edit of 11/20/2010: Commission Junction has just added a visible link to their Holiday Success Center (seen by every affiliate upon logging into their account now):

Commission Junction Holiday Success Center


Edit of 11/22/2010: has also just posted a blog entry with Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals available at its merchants: Black Friday / Cyber Monday Deals

6 thoughts on “Affiliate Networks Announce Holiday Deals and Offers”

    1. Thanks, David. I wasn’t aware of this one (comment for everyone else: it requires a logging into your affiliate account to view it).

      PS: Thank you for the compliments, and glad to be of help.

  1. Hi Geno,

    We received a few final deals from our advertisers over the weekend and will be posting them up on the blog and emailing them to our affiliate base today.

    Stay tuned!

    -Amy 🙂

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