Top 10 Online Retail Brands on Facebook & Twitter – 2010 List

Facebook and TwitterHaving analyzed the top retail brands (with online storefronts) who are actively engaging their customers via such social media channels as Facebook and Twitter, I have come up with my list of the top 10 for the year 2010.

There’s a lot we can learn just by observing them.

So here is my list:

Top 10 Online Retail Brands by Social Media Use in 2010
[data of 11/19/2010 11:25 am ET]

  1. Converse ~11M FB fans + ~10M here + ~3k followers
  2. Victoria’s Secret ~10M FB fans + ~7M here + ~26k followers*
  3. iPod ~8M FB fans
  4. PlayStation ~6M FB fans + ~500k followers
  5. Nike ~3M FB fans + ~4M here + ~2M here + ~36k followers
  6. Adidas ~6M FB fans + ~9k followers
  7. H&M ~5M FB fans + ~73k followers
  8. Forever 21 ~3M FB fans + ~110k followers
  9. Hollister Co. ~3M FB fans + ~23k followers
  10. Lacoste ~3M FB fans + ~237k followers

*Amazing as it is, but at the time of this post with its 26+ thousands of Twitter followers Victoria’s Secret is yet to tweet their first 140-characters message.

5 thoughts on “Top 10 Online Retail Brands on Facebook & Twitter – 2010 List”

  1. Hi. I just found your blog and found older post where you explain shareasale stats. Seems like you are experienced marketer. Could you help me reading for instance these stats:

    Basically I understand all but have 2 questions:

    1. Why is 86.08$ written with () like (86.08)? In most cases they don’t use () to report EPC. Is this something suspicious?

    2. LOTS (or even most) of shareasale merchants has 0$ EPC per 7 and 30 days. Does that mean nobody made a commision with them? Its hard to believe because there are so many affiliates there… And its really strange to see GOOD offers/merchants with 0.00$ EPC… Is this for real? Maybe there is an option of not showing it or something? Maybe some minimum of earning to be reached by merchant before EPC is calculated and shown?
    Or is it for real that lots of them can go 30 days earning 0$?

    3. How do you choose reputable merchant, what to look for? For instance in my example reversal rate of 30days is 100%. Its sure suspicious. But maybe it was just some cheater who got his sales reversed. How do I explore such situations?

    Thanks. I hope you can help me out and if you don’t want could you say so, so that I won’t wait for an answer 🙂

    regards and bookmarking your blog!

    1. Thank you for your questions. Even though they fit comments under other posts significantly better, here are my answers:

      1) The parentheses stand for negative or -$86.08 (not a good sign | most likely caused by multiple transaction reversals, as also reflected in that 100% 30-day reversal rate)

      2) Yes, that’s exactly what it means. And no, I don’t believe that most of ShareASale merchants have $0 EPC. May depend on the vertical you’re looking at.

      3) Re your “How do you choose reputable merchant, what to look for?” — here’s an article that will help you: 15 Factors Detrimental to Affiliate Program Choice. Also, make sure you read through my How To Guide to Affiliate Marketing [for Affiliates].

      Hope this will help, and if you have any further quesitons, please post them under that “How To” Guide (as answers to them may help others too).

  2. I love the concept of brand loyalty, especially when the customer no longer cares whether a competing product has greater functionality, better features, or costs less … it’s all about the brand! Even for Victoria’s Secret who has yet to post a single tweet…they certainly know their audience and how to appeal to the emotional desires of women (luxurious, sexy, beautiful and confident). Great insight Geno!

  3. Ok I posted under the how to guide some follow up questions 🙂 I was reluctant to post somewhere else because I was not sure if you read new comments posted on your older posts

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