Black Friday 2010 Online: 16 Percent Consumer Spending Increase

Yesterday from Shawn Collins post I’ve found out that the newest Coremetrics’ report on Black Friday 2010 online sales is out. This third annual “analysis of the online retail sector” outlined the trends in 2010 (as compared to Black Friday 2009), including the following bird’s-eye look at the state of online sales:

Online sales were up a healthy 15.9 percent, with consumers pushing the average order value (AOV) up from $170.19 to $190.80  for an increase of 12.1 percent. [more here]

16 percent consumer spending increase is a very healthy growth — well in tact with the 17% traffic growth (to Black Friday websites, in particular) that Experian Hitwise has reported a few days ago:

Black Friday 2010 traffic growth

Looking at a retail affiliate program I manage, and comparing the actual affiliate-referred daily sale volumes we have noticed as much as a sixfold increase in sales starting as early as Tuesday (November 23, 2010), and the performance is still improving:

Thanksgiving and Black Friday 2010 sale growth

Comparing the Black Friday 2010 sales volumes to those in 2009 we have registered some 22% sales increase (from the same affiliates as in 2009) this year.

What are you registering in your affiliate marketing campaigns?

2 thoughts on “Black Friday 2010 Online: 16 Percent Consumer Spending Increase”

  1. Great post Geno.

    Indeed, in the first two weeks of November, sales were up 6.1% and 6.2%, according to ShopperTrak.

    Here are some cool stats Geno, People are Buying more online too: Online sales jumped 16% on Black Friday over last year and the average value of an online purchase rose to $190.80, up from $170.19 last year, according to web analytics firm Coremetrics.

    Next up: Cyber Monday. Enjoy your shopping guys.


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