New Facebook Profile Layout & Creative Way To Use It

In the beginning of this month Facebook rolled out a new profile page design, where (among other things) besides the profile picture your friends may now also see the last 5 pictures in which you were tagged. Yesterday night I have finally decided to switch to the new Facebook layout.

Being particularly impressed by the idea behind the trend started by Alexandre Oudin, a French artist that Mashable wrote about not too long ago, I’ve worked with one of my favorite pictures, and turned my Facebook profile from this:

New Facebook profile layout

…into this:

New Facebook profile layout hacked

I wish I had a more suitable picture to play with — for example, one of me fishing (where the rod sticks out horizontally) or rifle gun shooting (had I known how to), or something “horizontal” — but even with this one, I think, it worked out to be pretty neat. What do you think?

If you do something cool with your pages too, please let me know. I’d be happy to blog about them.

9 thoughts on “New Facebook Profile Layout & Creative Way To Use It”

    1. I like what you did with your profile, Brandon. One thing that I don’t like about these hacks though is that you now have to constantly monitor who tags you in photos, and as soon as the last pictures you were tagged in change from what the pictures you’ve used for the “hack”, you must re-tag your pictures again for them to appear as the last 5. Is there any way around it?

  1. with the tagged foto section you can X out newly tagged fotos and they won’t show up at the top anymore. just roll over the foto and anx appears in the upper right hand corner.

    1. Yes, I know of that “hide photo” function. However, I don’t want to hide those where people tag me. I wish there was another solution, or a way to customize profile pages without having to constantly monitor who tags you where.

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