What People Think of Gurus [INFOGRAPHIC]

In case you haven’t yet heard of Unguru.me, it’s a project started earlier this month by Jim Kukral and Shawn Collins to establish a “community for small businesses to network and learn (without the hype)” and they have recently released their 2011 Unguru.me Report.

The main question they tried answer with it was “What Do People Think of Gurus?”

Having polled people, they’ve arrived at the following infographic:

You may download the full 2011 Unguru.me Report in PDF here and make sure you visit their website and follow them on Twitter too. Excellent idea, which I strongly support.

4 thoughts on “What People Think of Gurus [INFOGRAPHIC]”

  1. …I would expected something better from Collins.

    I love this line ““community for small businesses to network and learn (without the hype)”. Infographics are 100% hype.

    There is only 5 “features” in the infographic and two questions are the same.

    “What if someone else refers to you as a guru, is that ok?”
    “Would you ever refer to yourself as a guru?”

    This is just really really cheap link bait.

  2. @Ratna: Yes, I agree with them as well

    @ro: Not that I care to defend the methodology (I don’t even know what it was) behind this particular survey, but I do not think these two questions are the same. Also, since 100% of posts in my blog are non-sponsored (I blog only about things that I personally find of help or of interest) the fact that they’ve put something like this together, and it gets people attention, is already a very good result. What would you do differently if you were planning a similar survey?

    @Tjarren: Yes, I’d love to know that too. I sent a message to Jim about this, but am yet to hear from him.

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