10 Twitter Hashtags for Online Marketers to Follow

What is a hashtag in the first place? Twitter itself defines this # sign as a symbol “used to mark keywords or topics in a Tweet…  created organically by Twitter users as a way to categorize messages” [source]. As The New Yorker put it Twitter hashtags are “used to mark phrases or names, in order to make it easier to search for them among the zillions and zillions of tweets” [source].

Among the zillions of hashtags, however, it is important to discern those that can really help you in your work from those that are frankly useless (unfortunately, due to the amount of garbage tweets #affiliate has become one of the pretty useless ones). With this purpose in mind I’ve put together the below list, which I hope will be of help to other online marketers:

  1. #seo
  2. #sem
  3. #ppc (and/or #paidsearch)
  4. #measure
  5. #analytics
  6. #usability (as well as #ui and #ux)
  7. #webdesign
  8. #socialmedia
  9. #marketing
  10. #ecommerce

As always, if I have missed something (in this case, a hashtag) that must be mentioned, please post about it in the “Comments” are below.

4 thoughts on “10 Twitter Hashtags for Online Marketers to Follow”

  1. Hashtags are starting to be more valuable than they used to for trending, especially now that Google Search indexes them, but Bit.ly still does not track hashtags in retweets properly.

    1. Funny you should point this out, Justin. Earlier today I’ve found out about a tool called Trendistic, which does just that — tracks Twitter trends using hashtags. Good one to check out.

  2. Hashtags can be quite useful but as you noted with #affiliate, I tend to not bother with them anymore or pay attention to them. When a Twitter user clicks on a hashtag, they are not just given Tweets that include that keyword or phrase but they are also shown results that have the keyword in user names as well. 9 times out of 10, when I have searched using hashtags, I only tend to find useless and irrelevant information. As you noted though, with Google indexing them now, it might be worth checking into or at least paying attention to again.

    1. Yes, there definitely is such a problem (when spammers user hashtags to tag absolutely useless stuff with absolutely decent hashtags), but in case with the above-selected 10, the majority of tweets are actually pretty good (at least at the time of this post and comment).

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