10 Affiliate Marketing Accounts to Follow on Twitter

After a fairly long break from it (over three months have passed since my last #FollowFriday post/list), I’ve decided to return to my popular series of Twitter list posts.

Today I’d like to bring you a list of the 10 must-follow affiliate marketing accounts — a list that’s long overdue, especially in a blog like mine.

So finally here it is (as always, not a ranking of any kind; just an alphabetic list of the accounts that I personally believe every affiliate marketer should follow on Twitter):

1. a4uexpo Conference
What it is: Europe’s largest and most significant affiliate marketing conference.
Why follow: For conference-related news and announcements.

2. ABestWeb
What it is: The largest affiliate marketing forum online (~90k members and over 130k discussions at the time of this post).
Why follow: To follow the latest industry’s news and announcements (I personally wish they tweeted more of the former, and less of the latter).

3. Affiliate Summit
What it is: The largest affiliate marketing conference in the world (operating since 2003), and definitely the most important one in the United States.
Why follow: For official conference announcements, affiliate marketing news during no-conference time, and live updates during conference days.

4. Affiliate Twit List
What it is: A list of Twitter accounts for the affiliate marketing community. Accounts are added to it on user request.
Why follow: They publish a daily “The Affiliate Marketing Daily News” via Paper.li which contains some of the most interesting links tweeted by AffTwitList folks.

5. Affiliates4u
What it is: “The Hub of Performance Marketing” and Europe’s largest affiliate marketing online portal, which also runs UK’s largest and most important affiliate marketing forum.
Why follow: Latest affiliate marketing news, views and discussions tweeted out as they happen.

6. Affilorama
What it is: An affiliate marketing education portal offering free video and written lessons on how to create a successful affiliate business.
Why follow: Regular tweets on all things affiliate and digital marketing.

7. FeedFront Magazine
What it is: The official magazine of Affiliate Summit, and one of very few magazines focused specifically on affiliate marketing.
Why follow: For quality content on affiliate marketing tweeted daily.

8. The IAB’s Affiliate Marketing Council
What it is: Comprised of 9 UK affiliate networks, as well as affiliates, agencies and advertisers, the IAB’s Affiliate Marketing Council represents the UK affiliate industry, and works on regulating and promoting it.
Why follow: For all the latest information and updates from the Affiliate Marketing Council. A must-follow if you’re doing affiliate marketing business in/with Britain (or Europe).

9. The Performance Marketing Association
What it is: US-based not-for-profit industry association “founded by industry leaders to connect, inform and advocate on behalf of this growing industry”.
Why follow: To stay up to date on affiliate marketing’s latest news and developments, especially if you’re doing business in the US.

10. AM Navigator (forgive the shameless plug)
What it is: Over the years AM Navigator has gone from an OPM company to more of an educational resource on affiliate marketing. This is exactly the direction in which I plan to develop it in the future.
Why follow: For daily articles on performance marketing, affiliate program management, and related disciplines and areas.

For your convenience I have also created an “Affiliates Must Follow” Twitter list (which includes all of the above), which you may follow as a list.

As always, if I have missed an account that you believe to be an absolute must-follow on the topic of affiliate marketing, please do add it through the “Comments” option below.

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