ShareASale Launches Generation 6 Merchant Interface

And it has finally happened!! An hour ago, today on Tuesday (February 8, 2010), ShareASale launched its brand-new Generation 6 merchant interface, and I surely love both the look and the multiple user-friendly features.

Here is the way it looked just this morning:

And here is the way it looks now:

Here are a couple more close-up snapshots from the new interface:

I’ve already taken note of some things to improve (e.g.: that “pending FTP applications” doesn’t seem to reflect the true situation, and the link to the new user interface could surely be made more obvious in the old interface than the hardly visible “New UI**” link, etc), and will be sending these suggestions to ShareASale right after posting this, but I think this is a huge improvement that has surely been long-awaited.

I also see that in their blog ShareASale has announced “complimentary webinar tours of the newly unveiled” merchant interface.

Now I wonder when the new Affiliate Interface is coming.

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