10 Things Worse Than a Slow Computer

Okay… Time for a fun post… 🙂

Yesterday as I was struggling with one of my old laptops (purchased for very good money a few years back), I tweeted:

I also posted the same question on my Facebook wall, and the number (and quality) of comments/replies that I’ve received both on Twitter and on Facebook exceeded my expectations. Most of them come from sad experience, others are pretty funny, while some are just plain sad. So, today I’m posting them as a list of 10 things that can be worse than a slow computer:

1. Owning that computer /Jason Rubacky/

2. Paying lot of money for that slow computer /Enrique Schwartz/

3. A dead one /Greg Hoffman/

4. Slow internet connection /Cagla Aral/

5. A computer that really quickly does the exact opposite from what you want /Eric Nagel/

6. No computer /Anne Fognano/

7. A sinus headache /Joe Wojciechowski/

8. A smokin’ hot computer that is now just smoking /Herb Breese/

9. Death /Rexanne Mancini/

10. A laptop with a dead battery, and no way to charge it up /me/

If you have other ideas, please do post them in the “Comments” area under this post!

6 thoughts on “10 Things Worse Than a Slow Computer”

  1. I’ve got one… how about a computer that everything on the screen is turned upside down! There is a setting in some graphics cards that will turn everything upside down… and it can be activated just by pushing the wrong keys on the keyboard. When I found that out (it happened to a client) I did it to my boss before lunch and when we got back I said “Oh no you must have the upsy-daisy virus!” He literally turned his screen upside down for half the day haha. Thanks for the article, that was fun!

  2. The Blue Screen of Death every 5 minutes.


    A Computer that likes to reboot randomly every 5 minutes or so with no warning whatsoever.

    My old PC struggled from both of these at the same time before I finally had enough money to replace it.

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