Chrome Beats Internet Explorer. Second Only to Firefox

Five days ago I presupposed that more savvy Internet users prefer Firefox for their main web browser.

Not intentionally, but it so happened that in my last two posts I blogged about things that only more sophisticated Internet users would find of interest (visualization of Twitter followers, and a very specific new “tool” for a very targeted group of web professionals), and today, as I was looking at my statistics over the past two days, I’ve found out that Internet Explorer has dropped yet one more rank down. Now it is Chrome that has beaten it with the percentages (rounded up to the nearest 0.1) looking as follows:

  1. Firefox — 39.5%
  2. Chrome — 26.5%
  3. Internet Explorer — 22.8%

I guess, my presupposition about more savvy Internet users preferring browsers other than the IE may not be that far-fetched, after all.

7 thoughts on “Chrome Beats Internet Explorer. Second Only to Firefox”

  1. Indeed, Firefox is quite the top one because of its valuable add ons. And though, Chrome has extensions, we could see the difference on how Firefox works compared to Chrome. Though, Internet Explorer has its own advantage too. Personally speaking, I use these three, but I prefer Firefox and Chrome for SEO purposes.

  2. Peny @Fleece Jackets

    Hey Geno,
    I see Firefox as a more stable,flexible has more speed and has “extendability” compared to Explorer. And Chrome is always improving in comparison with IE.It is simple, fast and secure. And like Firefox that has add-ons, Chrome has its extensions and themes that have features that are SEO friendly. And honestly speaking, I’m never at ease with Explorer unlike FF and Chrome. But I guess, it goes along with what browser we are personally comfortable at.

    1. Ok. It seems that you’re referring to FF’s and Chrome’s SEO plugins (or extensions). I got confused at first, because I’ve never heard the phrase “SEO-friendly” used for browsers (it’s more common to hear it for websites, or platforms on which websites may be built (e.g.: WordPress)). But I get you now. Thanks, Peny.

  3. Interesting data, Geno. I also find operating systems analytics data interesting. I’m amazed at the growth of the Mac OS over the past few years and now steady increases in iPad, iPhone, and Android users to my websites. Any of these 3 smartphone groups typically outnumber Linux users now. It amazes me that there are even people browsing my site via the Wii! (As an aside, the Wii’s web browsing capabilities are something for parents to factor into their equation when protecting their children from inappropriate online content.)

    1. Yes, those up-and-coming ones are definitely very interesting to monitor, Mike. I think many bloggers and webmasters are still not paying enough attention to making their websites mobile-friendly.

      Interesting about Wii visitors too!

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