Most Influential PubCon Speakers – Top 40 List

With PubCon South at Austin 2011 coming up in just two weeks, I thought it would be interesting to analyze PubCon‘s past and current speakers ranking them in the order of their social influence on Twitter. I must tell you, there are some really impressive folks on the list! I’ve used Twitalyzer as my main tool (it is significantly more sophisticated than Klout which I used for a similar list in the past), and fed in my list from this PubCon’s Twitter list (205 speakers on it at the time I’m performing my analysis) also including the speakers that I know will be coming, but aren’t listed there (e.g.: Jeffrey Eisenberg, Shawn Collins, and Missy Ward). So the Top 10 List of speakers looks as follows:

1. @unmarketing Thought Leader 74.8% Impact 16.9% Engagement 79.9% Influence
2. @copyblogger Thought Leader 44.3% Impact 6.3% Engagement 46.7% Influence
3. @mattcutts Thought Leader 40.7% Impact 7.3% Engagement 35.8% Influence
4. @PRsarahevans Trendsetter 26.2% Impact 6.6% Engagement 23.6% Influence
5. @randfish Trendsetter 19.5% Impact 6.0% Engagement 23.0% Influence
6. @pogue Trendsetter 34.6% Impact 1.5% Engagement 20.4% Influence
7. @danzarrella Social Butterfly 14.4% Impact 6.9% Engagement 12.9% Influence
8. @leeodden Reporter 12.5% Impact 9.0% Engagement 11.1% Influence
9. @andybeal Reporter 11.5% Impact 21.5% Engagement 10.7% Influence
10. @WarrenWhitlock Social Butterfly 21.7% Impact 39.3% Engagement 9.6% Influence
I know you’re probably wondering two things: (1) what exactly does the categorization (e.g.: Social Butterfly or Trendsetter) mean, and (2) how do you define the above-quoted % metrics and benchmarks, and how exactly are they calculated. You may find the answers to both of these questions on this page. Speaking of the former, for example, here’s what the folks at Twitalyzer write:
Twitalyzer Influencer Types are a categorization we derive from work done by Lisa Barone (@lisabarone). The five types we track include:
  • Everyday Users have a small circle of influence but great potential
  • Reporters are connected people and great communicators
  • Social Butterflies are very active within their individual networks
  • Trendsetters are early adopters who love to share new ideas
  • Thought Leaders are the voices people listen to most
For more information about Lisa Barone’s five influencer types we recommend reading “Five Types of Influencers on the Web”.
And here is the full Top 40 List for you:

Enjoy studying the list, and if you aren’t yet following some of these folks, it’s a good time to look into it.]]>

6 thoughts on “Most Influential PubCon Speakers – Top 40 List”

    1. Your comment has pointed out to something interesting, Michael. Looks like Dan Zarrella’s (#7) category changed from a “Social Butterfly” to a “Reporter” between me putting together the table of the Top 10, and taking a screenshot of the full top 40 list… I made sure to cross-check the metrics right before publishing the post, but didn’t know that categories can change that quickly too. Interesting…

      Either way, if you call them that, make sure they don’t take it as an offense 🙂 [though they have more than likely heard the term before]

  1. Geno,

    Great list! Only comment is that we typically recommend that folks rank by our IMPACT metric, not influence, since Impact is a more complete metric. Still, since you have provided a wide range of metrics I suspect you are good.

    Even better: Here is a short link to your list LIVE at Twitalyzer:

    Anyway, great use of our system and data!


    Eric Peterson
    Founder, Twitalyzer

    1. Thank you for chiming in, Eric. Exemplary social media monitoring from a founder of an excellent tool to measure social media.

      Interesting (about the “Impact” metric). Will keep it in mind for future lists. It seems that the top 10 would pretty much stay the same (even if sorted by Impact), but the rest would reshuffle a bit.

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