10 Free Tools for Affiliate Program Management

When running an affiliate program on a tight budget you inevitably face a challenging reality: good tools normally cost good money. You, on the other hand, may not necessarily have enough to invest into all of the paid tools you may need. Do not despair! There is a number of great tools out there that are available for your use at no cost. Of course, you do not want to depend only on the free ones (and have a number of robust ones that you do pay for), but it is useful to know which good ones are free.

Here’s my alphabetical list of 10 such tools (all of which I myself use on a daily basis):

1. Facebook — if you haven’t done so already, create a fan page for your affiliate program (and use it as a part of your affiliate communication channel)

2. Forums — use affiliate marketing forums (like ABestWeb and Affiliate Summit’s forum in the US, or affiliates4u in the UK) to participate in the community and gently get the word about your affiliate program out

3. Google — yes, the search engine! you can use it to find potential affiliates (when there’s no contact info on the prospect’s site, use Who.is to pull it up)

4. Google Alerts — use it to monitor what competing affiliate programs are doing, as well as for recruitment of new affiliates

5. Google Website Optimizer — use it for testing and optimization of your affiliate landing pages

6. iTrademarkBidding — monitor affiliate violations of your paid search rules and restrictions

7. Omgili — use it to monitor what’s being said about you affiliate program, your brand(s) and your competitors in forums and other online communities

8. Quantcast — analyze the volume and type traffic your prospective affiliates get (for a clearer picture, compare their data with that reported by other tools, like Similar Web and alike)

9. Twitter — monitor it to spot prospective affiliates (use both Twitter Search, and tools like TweetDeck for streamlining the monitoring process)

10. WordPress — if you don’t already have it, start an affiliate program support blog on it (I personally prefer the self-hosted solution; hence, the link to the .org site)

Have fun exploring these free tools, and if I haven’t mentioned a great tool that can help affiliate program managers in their day-to-day tasks of affiliate recruitment and monitoring, competitive intelligence and program optimization, please do chime in with your suggestions using the “Comments” field below. ↓

12 thoughts on “10 Free Tools for Affiliate Program Management”

  1. Geno, I can always count on you to find the best affiliate marketing resources and information – or in this case info on how to use common websites for affiliate marketing purposes!

    Thanks for sharing such great insights,


    1. Sharon, thank you for your kind words, and glad to be of service! Thank you also for tweeting about this post a minute ago. Twitter love is always good. 🙂

  2. Geno, it’s my first time to navigate to your site, but i have to say that i really like your original content posted here, very useful and meaningful. Thanks for all your shares!

  3. Google alerts is a great resource for sure. I didn’t think to use it for keeping up with affiliate programs. Great ideas!

  4. Geno, I just purchased your book and was reading about participation in forums but it was missing some examples.

    This post more than makes up for it 🙂

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