New on ShareASale: Personalized Affiliate Commission Rules

I’ve noticed this new function in ShareASale‘s merchant interface yesterday morning, but wasn’t exactly sure how new it really was. Then I saw Jared Saunders — affiliate program manager at Jenson USA and holder of ShareASale’s “Exceptional Affiliate Manager” 2009 award — tweet about it:

…and apparently Jared’s right. There seem to be no blog posts about this new feature. So here we go:

ShareASale has recently introduced a new feature which allows merchants (or affiliate program managers) to set personalized commission rules for individual affiliates. Before this merchants could only “make changes” to affiliates’ “commission schedule” setting custom (or private) commissions/payouts:

Now in addition to the above feature ShareASale also allows merchants to tailor affiliate “commission rules” on a different level, choosing to set specific performance conditions and tie additional commission rules to them:

Good to see another improvement (which gives merchants good flexibility) from a major affiliate network.

2 thoughts on “New on ShareASale: Personalized Affiliate Commission Rules”

  1. This is a pretty sweet feature. It allows merchants and AMs to really reward those affiliate who are driving sales. Also makes it easy to really push specific items and offer bonuses on them.

    Now I just need to get more sales so my affiliate managers can take advantage of this feature! hehe

    1. Exactly, Joe. Would love to see you in some of the programs that I manage too (I’m eager to play with the function for you). 😉

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