Affiliate Program Description: What Key Points to Cover?

Yesterday as I was working on texts of several affiliate program ads to be run on an affiliate network, I faced an interesting question. This particular network now (yes, it’s a fairly new feature) allows me to pick 5 key-points to outline through bullet points (see image below). I love the idea! In fact, I’ve been doing this in affiliate program descriptions for years, and am certainly glad to see this being implemented on a larger level. It makes things significantly more digestible for affiliates.

While some may think that being limited to just 5 points is not good, it actually is. Long bullet lists are boring, and hard to keep your readers focused. Five or less is is the way to go.

But which 5 do you choose? What should you really underscore about your affiliate program in that mini-bullet-point list? Relying on the results of this poll, it may be one set of points… But could it be that the poll on the factors that condition affiliates’ choice of one affiliate program over another isn’t really the best source to rely on? After all, many of these factors (e.g.: affiliate-friendliness of the merchant’s website, competitiveness, market saturation, merchant’s reputation) should be judged by affiliates themselves and not preached by someone who is subjectively interested in making things sound better than they are.

With these thoughts in mind, I’d like to start a new poll in which I would like to ask affiliates to help us, merchants and affiliate program managers, learn what key points you want us to list in such format.

So here is the ranking poll (please prioritize the below 9 points in the order of importance to you as an affiliate):

Many thanks in advance for your participation!!

5 thoughts on “Affiliate Program Description: What Key Points to Cover?”

  1. Vivek, thank you for participating.

    Joe, this is available on ShareASale (for Featured Program of the Week spots). And thank you for your vote too.

  2. Geno, thanks for posting this ranking poll. It’s an excellent idea.
    How long will this be up? We look forward to adding this post to our upcoming newsletters and hope to send some of our affiliates your way to offer their opinions.

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