New Affiliate Marketing "How To" Book on the Horizon!

It’s been a while since I have written my last book, and today I’m really excited to announce my newest one!

My first comprehensive affiliate program management “how to” manual is coming out just a month . The book will be a part of Wiley/Sybex‘s famous An Hour a Day series, and the title is “Affiliate Program Management: An Hour a Day”.

On the left you may see the book’s cover (thank you, Alex Betinski for working with me on it), and below is some basic info on it:

I know, one of the first questions that comes to your mind is “Who is this book intended for?” With this in mind I answered the question in the book, and did it in the following way:

Who Should Read This Book

Almost anyone involved in digital marketing will benefit from reading this book. However, since it is primarily intended to help you create and manage your affiliate marketing program, its target audience would falls into three basic groups:

  • Business owners whose companies are either already online, or looking at developing an online presence, and benefiting from digital marketing.
  • Marketing professionals working in or with companies which that are actively interested the digital space (for example, ones that have websites targeting prospective customers, or are interested in launching web marketing campaigns with the purpose of making sales).
  • Affiliate program managers — new and seasoned — who will pick up a lot of tips and information on how to build and run fruitful affiliate marketing campaigns.
  • Finally, while although this book is primarily focused on affiliate marketing as a method of generating sales for online advertisers, affiliates should also find it of interest. After all, unless you know what makes up a good affiliate program, how would will you be able to tell a good one from a bad one?

What should you expect from the book? Let me answer this one with yet another quick excerpt:

What You Will Learn

Affiliate Program Management: An Hour a Day is written as a step-by-step manual on the effective use of affiliate marketing to advertise your online business, and generate new sales. The book will help you launch and build a successful affiliate marketing program, walking you through every aspect of affiliate management. I have organized it in a way that helps you learn the ropes of affiliate program management by spending approximately 1 an hour a day on each task.

The chapters are structured in fashion that will walk you all the way from the an introduction to affiliate marketing to advanced affiliate program management and analysis.

Here’s also the book’s Table of Contents:

Part I: History, Terminology & Introductory Remarks
1 Understanding Affiliate Marketing
2 Budgeting
Part II: Month 1: Pre-Launch Research & Analysis

3 Week 1: Perform Competitive Market Analysis
4 Week 2: Understand Tracking & Reporting
5 Week 3: Evaluate Program Management Options
6 Week 4: Finalize Payment Model(s) and Cookie Life
Part III: Month 2: Setting Your Affiliate Program Up

7 Week 1: Develop Creative Inventory
8 Week 2: Datafeeds, Coupons, Plugins
9 Week 3: Research & Develop Program Policies
10 Week 4: Final Brushstrokes
Part IV: Month 3: Program Launch & Affiliate Program Management

11 Week 1: Launch the Affiliate Program & Recruit
12 Week 2: Plan Your Affiliate Communication
13 Week 3: Program Management
14 Week 4: Affiliate Motivation
Part V: Month 4: Advanced Management & Analysis

15 Week 1: Study & Learn to Deal with Fraud
16 Week 2: Master Affiliate Program Analytics & Optimization
17 Deadliest Mistakes to Avoid
18 Affiliate Program Promotion Ideas

Affiliate marketing is a dynamic industry. With this in mind, I plan to be blogging on affiliate program management questions (and how what I’ve covered in the book applies today) at the newly started book’s companion site in the coming days, weeks, months, and years. Also, we’ll make sure that new editions of the book come out on a regular basis (to keep things fresh and updated).

30 thoughts on “New Affiliate Marketing "How To" Book on the Horizon!”

  1. Geno, I can tell you that there are several people in our office here in Park City that are anxious to get their hands on this. Congratulations! GM

    1. Thank you, Gary. It is already available for pre-order via the above-quoted websites, and should be in your local Borders and Barnes & Noble soon too.

  2. Geno,

    I’m so excited to see the finished product!

    This book should have significant demand so I can’t wait to buy up some copies and share it with everyone I can.


  3. I’m interested to read this book from an affiliates prospective. I’ve been a full-time affiliate for the past 10 years. The last 6 months has had more changes then the 10 years combined, hopefully this book covers the new trends and changes for affiliate managers.

    1. Nick, it does indeed cover some of the changes (even though I tried to do my best in making it not time-contingent), and it will certainly be a good one for affiliates to read. Would love to hear your feedback (as an affiliate) once you’ve had a chance to read it.

  4. I have no doubt that this will be the best selling affiliate marketing book. Are you planning on releasing B&N Nook/Kindle version of it?


  5. UPDATE (for all e-reader users): The book will be available on Nook (and all e-readers, including Kindle). It’ll also be available through Apple’s iBookStore.

  6. @Lucky: Thank you for these kind words.

    @Gretchen: Thank you for the congratulations, and looking forward to your feedback once you have a chance to flip through it (on your Kindle).

  7. There are lot of books on affiliate marketing now-a-days, only to say you can do this do that, but all of them are no brainers.
    Well we should wait for one’s perfect review for this.

  8. Geno, I read your other book “A Practical Guide to Affiliate Marketing: Quick Reference for Affiliate Managers & Merchants” cover to cover. What is in your new book that’s different than this one?

    1. Tammy, excellent question! I was waiting for someone to ask it. 🙂

      Actually, both the content, and the structure of these two books is very different.

      Structure: A Practical Guide is a Q&A type reference book, while An Hour a Day is more of a detailed step-by-step manual.

      Content: There is very little overlap between the two books. I’d say that only about 10-12% of A Practical Guide‘s content made it to my new An Hour a Day book.

      Hope this helps.

  9. Sarjit, while the book’s primary audience is comprised of merchants with affiliate programs and affiliate program managers, affiliates/publishers will certainly benefit from the book too. How would you know what affiliate programs to stay away from if you don’t know what makes a good one?

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