Introducing Affilinomics Outsourced Affiliate Program Management

If you’ve been following my AM Navigator blog for the past few years, you’ve noticed that unlike blogs of other OPMs, mine hardly has any posts related to the affiliate programs we manage. The focus of my blog is different, as everything in it is revolves around the eduction affiliate managers and affiliates, as well as looking at things that happen around me through the eyes of an affiliate marketer.

As a result, on the one hand, I’ve built up a resource full of online articles (latest count yielded 870 posts) which, I know, many appreciate and use daily. But, on the other hand, by so-doing I’ve devoided myself of a platform through which to promote my clients, and keep affiliates up-to-date on what’s going on in the programs that I manage.

With my book writing activity, speaking at conferences, blogging and article writing [see some here], AM Navigator has grown way beyond just outsourced affiliate program management. But I still do manage affiliate programs.

To mark the distinction between my educational activity and OPM (outsourced program management) work, I’ve launched Affilinomics and this is why you now see its “alpha” logo in the header of my blog.

Affilinomics is not a separate business, but a part of AM Navigator which is meant to focus solely on outsourced affiliate program management solutions. You can think of it as one of the branches of AM Navigator. Through Affilinomics we provide state of the art affiliate program launch and support, as well as full-service management solutions. This means that we can either help you set-up a brand new affiliate program (and manage it for you, if you wish to outsource the management), or take your existing affiliate program, revamp and revitalize it, and take it to new heights.

No affiliate program can be run on an auto pilot. And you always have two management options: (i) train someone to do it for your in-house (or hire an already-trained person, of course), or (ii) outsource the management to an OPM agency. AM Navigator can help you with the former (consulting, training, or even co-management or your program with your in-house employee), while Affilinomics covers the latter (outsourced program management which includes (a) identification and recruitment of new affiliates, (b) activation of existing stagnant affiliates and/or (c) additional motivation of existing active ones, (d) development and monitoring of affiliate promotions, (e) maintenance of on-going communication campaigns, (f) policing unacceptable affiliate behavior and (g) monitoring affiliate link placements, (h) regular reporting, (i) monitoring competitors’ affiliate campaigns and advising on client’s program optimization accordingly, and much more).

Naturally, I will soon be also starting a blog for Affilinomics where affiliates will be able to see the most current news and promos from the affiliate programs we manage. Meanwhile, let’s welcome a new brand in the affiliate marketing world — Affilinomics (from “affiliate-powered economics“)!

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