SearchReviews Launches Innovative Affiliate Tool for Consumer Reviews

Enhancing conversion with consumer reviews isn’t a new idea. It always works, even to the point of negative reviews having a positive effect on sales. Empowering affiliates to quickly put reviews (thematically-sorted across different merchants) to good use, and doing this in a manner than helps merchants monitor affiliate compliance with the FTC’s rules on testimonials and endorsements… now that is definitely innovative and has been much needed.

I was thrilled to learn that something like this was in the works when in early spring I got approached by Ankesh Kumar, CEO of SearchReviews. Their tool was originally conceived as a tool for affiliates to use consumer reviews that merchants would upload (in a manner similar to product datafeeds) to the SearchReviews’ server. I proposed taking it one step further, turning it also into an compliance-monitoring tool for merchants. I still believe this to be a very promising idea, and am excited to see them roll out their tool today.

Examples of how the SearchReviews affiliate widget looks and works may be found throughout Here’s one of them:

I wish SearchReviews luck. This is a very interesting idea.

2 thoughts on “SearchReviews Launches Innovative Affiliate Tool for Consumer Reviews”

  1. Thanks for the post Geno. Just one clarification, on the revenue share. We took yours and others advice and and made the revenue share piece simpler.

    Once a publisher signs up for the searchreviews widget, they do not have to sign up with affiliate networks or get approval from merchants. We collect the money from the networks and pay the publishers 75% of the revenue.

    Similar fashion to Viglink or Skimlink.

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