Speaking on Affiliate Marketing at Russian Internet Forum St Petersburg

Affiliate marketing is still very new in Russia. Its slow development is largely conditioned by the specifics of the Russian Internet (aka Runet) in general, and ecommerce problems in particular (e.g.: world-famous hacking and spamming, abundance of phishing, lack of consumer trust in online credit card processing, etc).

Having found out that I’m flying into St. Petersburg, Russia on May 13 (yes, I landed literally a couple of hours ago), the CEO of one of Russia’s first affiliate networks GdeSlon.ru, Sergey Gershun, contacted me about co-presenting with him at one of Russia’s most prestigious conferences on everything connected with the Internet, the Russian Internet Forum (specifically, the sixth annual St Petersburg one).

The topic chosen was “Datafeed affiliates в России и мире” (or “Datafeed affiliates in Russia and worldwide”), and the proposal has been approved earlier this week:

Needless to underscore how excited I am about this opportunity (my love of Russia + love towards affiliate marketing = perfect match here). So, besides my June presentation at a4uexpo Europe (in Munich, Germany), you can also hear me speak in another major European city, my wife’s and daughter’s hometown, the glorious St. Petersburg, Russia. Hope to see you there!

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