Top 10 Marketing & E-commerce Blogs On My 2011 List

Many people blog these days, but in very few instances can I say that I enjoy every post that this or that blogger puts up. There are, however, bloggers out there that I follow daily (or as frequently as they post), and anxiously wait for their next post. Every time they write I either learn something new, or start thinking in a new direction upon reading the thoughts they publish.

Today I’d like to share a list of such blogs with you. Here they are in the alphabetical order (with author names linked to their Twitter profiles):

Top 10 Marketing & E-commerce Blogs

  1. Brothers Eisenberg Blog by Bryan & Jeffrey Eisenberg
  2. Econsultancy Blog by 150+ of authors
  3. Get Elastic Ecommerce Blog by Linda Bustos
  4. Mashable by multiple contributors
  5. Neuromarketing Blog by Roger Dooley
  6. Occam’s Razor Blog by Avinash Kaushik
  7. Outspoken Media Blog by Lisa Barone
  8. Six Pixels of Separation Blog by Mitch Joel
  9. Search Engine Land by Danny Sullivan and others
  10. TopRank Online Marketing Blog by Lee Odden

BONUS: While it’s not a blog, but a “newspaper”, I thoroughly enjoy it every Friday when it’s published (and you may like it too): Better Marketing Through Science – compiled weekly by Jennifer Williams.

Of course, everyone understands that by definition any and every list of favorites comes undergirded by the compiler’s subjectivity. I’m certain such is the case with my above list of top marketing blogs to follow as well; and I am, therefore, wide-open to your suggestions on what other blogs to follow for fresh, challenging, practical thinking on everything related to e-commerce and/or online marketing. Please add your favorites through the “Comments” below.

11 thoughts on “Top 10 Marketing & E-commerce Blogs On My 2011 List”

  1. Great list Geno. I’m familiar with most of them, but now have a couple of new ones to check out.

    Knowing of them is one part, the challenge I have is finding the time to read and digest them each day!

    1. Ah, good point, Gary! I should’ve started with it — the deficit of time was what made me narrow things down to just a handful of blogs (well, and, of course, whatever people I trust recommend on Twitter and Facebook)… Glad you’ve found my list of use.

  2. I thought I read a lot of great marketing and ecommerce blogs, but somehow I’ve missed a few of these. Thanks for pointing them out!

    Here are a few that I read regularly that didn’t make your list:
    * MoreVisibility has info on SEO, SEM, Analytics, and Social Media;
    * Hubspot’s blog is my go-to blog for Inbound Marketing;
    * Blue Sky Factory’s blog has email tips and insights;
    * Chris Penn from Blue Sky Factory also publishes his individual blog and I always learn something from it;
    * …and I get the MarketingProfs Daily Fix Blog as an email newsletter but it still makes my list of top blogs.

    Hmm, I’ve got so many others that I probably should have made this into a blog post myself!

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