Affiliate Program Management, Audit and Consulting from Affilinomics

I was asked this before, but ever since the launch of Affilinomics the volume of these questions increased substantially.

Every second prospect I talk to asks something along the following lines:

So is your company like the Commission Junctions of the world? Or do your services differ from what they do?

The short answer is “no, we’re not like Commission Junction at all”. Affiliate program management companies, which is what Affilinomics in essence is, are not the same as affiliate networks. Just as affiliate program software which you use to run affiliate programs fully in-house, affiliate networks are essentially platforms on which you run your affiliate program [more about the differences here]. Affilinomics is not an affiliate network. It’s an OPM (i.e. outsourced program management) branch of AM Navigator. We can help you with an affiliate program run on any platform; and there are three ways we can work for you. Here they are — with payment terms listed next to each:

  1. Affiliate program management — monthly payments (which normally consist of a retainer and a performance bonus);
  2. Affiliate program audit — one-time fee, or hourly rate (depending on the situation);
  3. Affiliate marketing consulting — hourly rate.

Launching an affiliate program is just the beginning of the journey. To grow it, you want to manage it, and most affiliate networks don’t do that for  you! This is what affiliate managers are for. Affilinomics is more than a management company though. If you want us to manage your affiliate program, we’d be happy to help. If you want me to audit your program and advise on the things that can be improved, we do that as well. Finally, if you’re looking for an affiliate marketing consultant — to help you with anything related to affiliate marketing — shoot me an email today too.

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