Affiliate Feedback on "From" Field of Program Manager Emails

A month ago, wondering whether the “From” field of affiliate program manager emails matters for affiliates I started a poll asking affiliates to help me figure this one out.

The poll closed on Sunday. We’ve had 46 affiliates cast their votes, and here are the results that I see:

Affiliates, what do you want merchants to use in the email’s “From” field?

My main purpose for this poll was to find out whether affiliates really want to see full names of affiliate managers in the “From” field. The above spread of votes, as well as the comments under this post, basically tell us “it depends” (in some cases the name will improve the open rate; in others, it won’t matter much). The more important thing is that the affiliate quickly and easily understands what affiliate program the email is from and about. Also, when it comes to improving the open rate, the “Subject” field is probably significantly more important. Maybe I’ll put a blog post on it some day too.

1 thought on “Affiliate Feedback on "From" Field of Program Manager Emails”

  1. Hi Geno,
    I tend to think the full name only applies when you are already familiar with the affiliate manager. personally I prefer company name first.


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