Skimlinks Acquires Atma Links. Exclusive Interview with Alicia Navarro

Earlier this morning Skimlinks has announced that it has acquired Atma Links [official press release here]. Both are essentially monetization tools/platforms that have performance affiliate marketing model at its core.

With congratulations, and several accompanying questions, I reached out to my good friend, Alicia Navarro, the CEO and co-founder of Skimlinks, and put together the following interview where she clarifies the details of the arrangement for us.

GP: Alicia, congratulations on acquiring a New York-based competitor, Atma Links. That’s Skimlinks’ first acquisition, isn’t it?

AN: It is indeed our first acquisition! Its a big step, acquiring companies can introduce conflicts or inefficiencies. But we have been very lucky, Chris and Erik are already part of the family, and our technologies are so synergistic that we can take advantage of the benefits incredibly quickly.

GP: When one company acquires another one, the first thing everyone’s wondering is “how much?” Would you mind shedding some light on this?

AN: Would love to, but unfortunately, it is confidential information. But, I can say that the Atma Links guys, Chris and Erik, are happy, and are also excited to be working with Skimlinks to grow the combined technologies. They will continue to work out of NY through our US subsidiary.

GP: In the official press release which went live earlier this morning, you’ve mentioned that Atma Links will nicely compliment Skimlinks with their “real-time price comparison”. That’s pretty impressive. Can you give my blog’s readers a sneak-peak into what other new features they should expect from the combined Skimlinks+AtmaLinks solution?

AN: We’ll be publicly launching the combined solutions shortly, but what I can share now is that their technology specialises in highly accurate, multi-vertical product identification and matching. So we can apply this to a number of our existing products (particularly EveryFeed – our aggregated product API) as well as other publisher tools we offer our customers.

GP: When exactly are you planning to roll out the combined solution?

AN: Some of our clients are using it now, and over the next few weeks we’ll be switching publishers over to the new technology, and starting to offer the customizable options to them directly

GP: Previously, for merchants to make their product feed a part of Atma Links they had to contact them, while with SkimLinks it was the other way around — Skimlinks applied into merchants’ affiliate programs. How will the process be handled now? How can a merchant get their data feed included?

AN: We are still prioritising merchant integrations in a similar way, based on demand from our publishers.

GP: And one final question from the affiliate side of the fence: with Skimlinks affiliates had to apply for an account, while with Atma Links all you had to do is a place a string of JavaScript code. How will the combined solution work?

AN: Our publisher relationships will continue as is, we want to build a network of high quality content sites, so we still review each application before deciding whether to approve them to our network. However, once approved, the installation process is exactly the same: place a string of javascript onto the site footer and you are live. Our existing clients won’t need to change their code to implement the new solution either, it will be fully customizable from their publisher interface.

Once again, congratulations to Skimlinks. It’s always good to see good things get better, especially when it comes to the affiliate marketing industry.

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