10 Paid Search Experts to Follow on Twitter

It’s been a while since I’ve posted my last Twitter list, but it’s Friday again (think #FollowFriday), and regardless of the numerous topics that I have already covered — blogging, SEO, affiliate marketing, email marketing, Internet law attorneys, usability, conversion rate optimization, web analytics, branding and PR, competitive intelligence, web design, social media, mobile marketing, neuromarketing, psychology & persuasion — there is one I’ve been wanting to blog about, but couldn’t find the time.

Today I’d like to turn to paid search marketing folks who maintain active Twitter accounts, and may be of interest to my blog readers.

So here’s my list of the 10 PPC experts to follow in Twitter (arranged by the number of Twitter followers at the time of this post; descriptions taken from each person’s Twitter profile):

  1. David Szetela — President & Random Axe for NoNoyz.com; lead guitarist; street performer; installation artist. Recently single and looking for friends; you?
  2. Redfly Marketing — Tweets from online marketing company RedFly LTD, PPC, SEO and Web Design obsessed search marketers and analytics addicts.
  3. Larry Kim — Search Marketing Enthusiast – PPC, SEO, Social Media. Founder and CTO of WordStream.com.
  4. Mary O’Brien — aka PPC Summit, or #1 Resource for Pay Per Click Advertising – Google Adwords, Yahoo, Microsoft adCenter.
  5. PPC Hero — PPC Hero’s mission is to educate the world on the basic techniques and finer skills of successful pay-per-click campaign management.
  6. Brad Geddes — PPC Geek & Official AdWords Seminar Leader. Author of Advanced Google AdWords.
  7. Dan Perach — Represents PPCProz, SEM = Search Engine Marketing = SEO & PPC & SMM.
  8. Pamela Lund — Spreading smiles like they’re herpes and being awesome at PPC management.
  9. Jen Sheahan — Internet Marketing PPC specialist who loves random things like Skittles, beer, and traveling to warm, sunny places.
  10. Alan Mitchell — PPC / SEM specialist and owner of Calculate Marketing, helping businesses in Australia improve their return on investment from PPC marketing.

Of course, make sure you’re also following (i) Google AdWords’ official Twitter account, (ii) Yahoo! Search one, and (iii) Microsoft adCenter’s one too.

As always, if I have missed a helpful expert (or company) that, you believe, belongs here, please do post about them utilizing the “Comments” function below.

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