11 Content Strategy Experts to Follow on Twitter

It’s “Follow Friday” time again, and today I’d like to focus on content strategy. But definition first:

Content Strategy — “an emerging field of practice encompassing every aspect of content, including its design, development, analysis, presentation, measurement, evaluation, production, management, and governance.” [source | emphasis mine]

There are a number of experts in the field who are quite active on Twitter; and today I’d like to bring you the list of the eleven — arranged by the number of Twitter followers at the time of this post — who, in my opinion, are worth following on the subject:

  1. Kristina Halvorson — CEO of Brain Traffic, a content strategy consultancy. Author, Content Strategy for the Web. Mom. Minnesotan. Indisputable authority on the subject of content strategy.
  2. Erin Kissane — Editorial and content strategist. Reader. Writer. Author of The Elements of Content Strategy.
  3. Karen McGrane — Content strategist and user experience designer with 15 years of experience making big, complicated websites. Managing Partner, Bond Art + Science. Teaches design management in the Interaction Design program at SVA.
  4. Margot Bloomstein — Appropriate, Inc. brand and content strategist. “Loves ’em dashes, dogs, travel, and the Singers-Songwriters Collection.”
  5. Colleen Jones — Principal of Content Science. Author of Clout: The Art & Science of Influential Web Content. Changing the world bit by content bit.
  6. Rahel Anne Bailie — Content strategist “devising content strategies for business impact”, focused on “performance improvement for communication products”.
  7. Diana Railton — Corporate communications, specializing in web communication and content strategy, director of DRCC.
  8. Rebecca Lieb — Former vice president at Econsultancy, SEO and content strategy expert. Rumor has it, she’s writing a new book on content marketing, which is coming out in fall 2011.
  9. Trevor Stafford — Senior content strategist, Communitech. Geek. Polymath. Word herder. Verb hurler. Ozymandias. Ambiturner.
  10. Chris Moritz — Interactive content strategist who loves content marketing and great UX. Making it happen at Campbell Ewald in Warren, MI.
  11. Richard Sheffield — Author of Web Content Strategist’s Bible, blogs at ContentStrategyWeblog.com.

As always, if I have missed someone who should be mentioned here, please do chime in with their name and Twitter handle (using the “Comments” area below).

2 thoughts on “11 Content Strategy Experts to Follow on Twitter”

  1. Atie de Heer (Director od Data Direction) is a leading content strategist in the Netherlands, working for large national government agencies as well as national and international commercial customers.

    Atie de Heer, focus on all aspects of content organizig: ‘Strategic and integral use of dialogue-oriented content’

    Ate de Heer wrote the book “Content organizing in de praktijk”.
    (A Practical Guide to Content organizing)
    The book contains the Practical Steps and Model: to develop a Content Strategy and Content-Driven Organisation. Free PDF download in English: http://t.co/I5xOf8m

    I think that Atie de Heer has to be on this list and is worth following. The Twitteraccount (Data Direction) has only not that much followers yet! So Maybe this can help us in this very little country of the world (The Netherlands!

    Thank you very much!

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