Sixteen Thousand Tweets Later: Five Wins and Zero Losses

I’ve just hit a milestone — 16,000 tweets:

Assuming that on every one of those 16,000 tweets I spent some 10 seconds, that’s 160,000 seconds, or 2,667 minutes, or nearly 44.5 hours spent tweeting. One would think: “what a waste of time!” writing these hours into the “Losses” column. I disagree.

Looking back, and analyzing the “Wins” I can say that if I had a second chance, I would’ve done it again. There are at least 5 very tangible outcomes to which my regular tweeting has contributed.

These are:

  1. 3,000+ loyal followers — Think: spreading of blog content, crowdsourcing, support in contests like this one, ongoing education, and ability to find answer to nearly any question within seconds.
  2. At least 5 speaking engagements — Several of these were paid ones, while those that weren’t helped me land several training, consulting and management projects.
  3. Book contract with a major publisher — When speaking with a prospective author among the factors every publisher considers now is social media presence, and social influence.
  4. Contribution to steady blog growth — Think: social sharing, traffic increase… and, ultimately, influence on such revenue sources as advertising, for example.
  5. Connections, connections, connections… — …which resulted in interviews, leads, barter arrangements, etc.

Are you on Twitter? How do you leverage it? What do you get from it?

9 thoughts on “Sixteen Thousand Tweets Later: Five Wins and Zero Losses”

  1. Geno, congrats! This is quite a feat!

    I have to say that in my short time on Twitter, I was able to take advantage and score a spot on Affiliate-Juice! Twitter is quite worth the time spent, especially when you follow the right people!

    1. Definitely, Olga. You can achieve some good things with it if you stay focused (isn’t it this way with everything?). And grats on your accomplishment too!

  2. Congratulations – that certainly is a big accomplishment! Can you believe there are still people doubting the impact of social media?

  3. That is a great accomplishment. The bullet points really put things into perspective. You can really accomplish a lot when there is focus.

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