Latest Affiliate Marketing Must Read News

Much has happened over the past week in the affiliate marketing world, but the following 5 posts of various affiliate marketing bloggers are the ones I’d like to highlight today. Why? Because these posts have covered some of the more important affiliate news of the week of 4-9 September, 2011:

  1. No firms have agreed to collect ‘Amazon tax’ by Jan Norman
  2. Amazon in Bed With California but it’s the Affiliates Getting Screwed by Pace Lattin
  3. MailChimp Blocking Access to Affiliate Marketers by Wilson Davalos
  4. eBay Partner Network Introduces ePN Mobile by yours truly
  5. The BHOs Have Won: Ebates Dines On FatWallet And Its Golden Rep by Angel Djambazov

If I’ve missed something that you believe should’ve been mentioned here, please do chime in with your comments below. Thanks in advance, and enjoy your weekend!

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