ePN Mobile — New Reporting Feature for eBay Partner Network Affiliates

Yesterday (on September 8, 2011) eBay Partner Network affiliates had a new feature added to their reports — one “that breaks out mobile traffic from classic (non-mobile) traffic.” Here are some screenshots that eBay has sent me to visualize the tool better:

Filter Traffic by Type

View Mobile Traffic

eBay announced this addition to their affiliate reports at the Affiliate Summit East 2011 just a couple week ago [more here]. They’ve christened this ePN Mobile. The feature is meant to equip affiliates with data that they previously did not have. As eBay Partner Network wrote earlier in their blog:

This will help you understand how your users are shopping and allow you to optimize accordingly. Any traffic you drive to eBay’s international mobile web properties can be monetized and added to your reports.

Being a big analytics fan, I am always happy to see improvements on this important front. Good to see eBay leading the way in making mobile traffic easier to spot and analyze.

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