Take Charge 2011 Plimus Conference in Israel – Recap, Pictures

Less than a week ago I returned back from Israel where I was speaking at an affiliate marketing conference.The name of it was Take Charge 2011 Digital Commerce Summit.

Plimus (together with conference’s co-host Itay Adam of GoTraffic) has put together one impressive affiliate marketing event in Tel Aviv. There were some 650 attendees, amazing speakers, lots of quality networking; first day being fully devoted to sessions and networking, second — to one-on-one scheduled-in-advance meetings. Without exaggeration, this was one of the more productive conferences I’ve attended.

Besides the location, the uniqueness of this particular conference to me was in the fact that this was my first ever conference to keynote. I’ve been speaking in front of audiences large and small for the past 5 years, but never keynoted a conference… In my speech I focused on building affiliate-friendly programs. I liked how it went. It seems that the audience appreciated it as well.

Here are a few pictures that should give you the feel of the conference:

Simon Jones of Plimus speaking

Panoramic Views of the Audience

Take Charge 2011 Keynote

Geno Prussakov keynote speech (Tel Aviv, Israel, 2011)

Geno Prussakov keynote speech (Tel Aviv, Israel, 2011)

You may find many more photos at the conference’s official website here.

In conclusion, I’d like to thank Plimus’ team (especially, Eldad Ben Tora, Charlie Born, and Simon Jones), Itay Adam, as well as Sarit Ressler and the whole Smart Projects (conference production company) team for making it an unforgettable trip for me. I had a blast; and some of my more personal pictures may also be found here.

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  1. Thanks Geno – we enjoyed having you speak and contributing important thoughts about how vendors can utilize affiliates. Glad you had a good time as well and enjoyed the hospitality.

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