Affiliate Summit East 2011 Feedback

Yesterday I’ve received feedback on my Affiliate Summit East 2011 (ASE11) presentation. As you  may remember [say, from the post I put together immediately following that speech in New York], I entitled it Key Affiliate Program Components You’re Probably Missing, and focused on 15 integral affiliate program management elements that are being frequently ignored.

A total of forty people filled out their feedback forms after my ASE11 session, and I am certainly happy to see the following averages (on a 10-point scale): Content — 9.25, Speaker — 9.375. Leaves room for improvement, yet provides me with a lot of much-needed encouragement. So, thank you, all who took the time to provide your feedback to the conference organizers.

Here are just a few of the things that people wrote about that session:

  • This was a great session — I’m inspired to improve our affiliate program after listening to this.
  • Unique info, and I liked the little metaphors.
  • Glad to have attended.  I have Geno added to my favs and use his blog post as my affiliate mgr.  Bible source
  • Loved the way the presentation was outlined.  Very easy to follow & understand, also conducive to note-taking, which will lead to better action plan when I eventually get back to the office.
  • Great!!!
  • Bring this guy back!
  • I loved how Geno uses real life analogies (swimming, university, Chernobyl, etc) to relate to certain aspects of affiliate marketing.
  • Great session.  There were a lot of components missing from my company’s affiliate program that were exposed here.
  • Awesome!
  • Funny, energetic, informed, great content.

Thanks again. Onwards and upwards! Hoping to be able to present at Affiliate Summit West 2012 in Las Vegas as well.

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