Top 10 Influencers on Affiliate Marketing per Klout

Klout has been publishing lists of online influencers for some time already.

Not surprisingly, an area that hasn’t been touched so far is affiliate marketing — a field too niche for the general public, yet one of tremendous interest to those of us who are breathing and living it every day.

So, as soon as I logged into my Klout dashboard today, I was thrilled to see that I’m “one of the first users selected to preview Klout’s new topic pages” which now allow you “to see top influencers” in each “official topic”:

Naturally, the first topical page/section I went to was that on affiliate marketing!

And among “the top influencers for Affiliate Marketing in the past 90 days” we see:

  1. Shawn Collins
  2. Affiliate Summit
  3. Missy Ward
  4. Geno Prussakov (flattered to be beaten only by Shawn, Missy, and the industry’s largest conference)
  5. Eric Nagel
  6. Linda Buquet
  7. Jim Kukral
  8. Clickbooth
  9. Logan Thompson
  10. Google Affiliate Network

Here’s the screenshot too (note how “Top +K Recipients” [more on what +K is here] is actually not the same as “Top Influencers” which seems to encompass both +K’s and content):

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