Twitter Contest: Guess Date and Time – Win Autographed Book

It seems like only yesterday I blogged about reaching 16,000 tweets, and the wins of focused tweeting, but the day before yesterday I’ve already crossed the 17,000 mark, and am now approaching a major milestone — that of 4,000 followers. And, as tweeted yesterday I’ve decided to put together a contest around it.

The idea is simple: guess the date and time when I’m gonna reach 4,000 Twitter followers — get the prize.

Here are the full rules:

Conditions: Through the “Comments” area below attempt to guess the date and time, ensuring your time is listed in EST (i.e. GMT – 4:00)

Deadline: 12:00 pm EST on October 25, 2011

Prize: Autographed copy of any one of my 3 books.

Restrictions: No more than 2 guesses per participant. Will ship within U.S. only. Rest of the world – electronic copy.

Now, since with tools like TwitterCounter, it is fairly easy to pinpoint the date, it is essential that you list the time to participate. The person whose guess ends up being closest to the reality, will win.

14 thoughts on “Twitter Contest: Guess Date and Time – Win Autographed Book”

    1. Congratulations!! You are the winner!

      As is obvious from it has happened on 10/24/2011 at 4:45 pm EST. You were just 15 min off, but closer than anyone else.

      Congratulations again! Look for an email from me in the next few minutes.

      PS: Let not the time of this comment confuse you. It’s CST (in comments time)

  1. 4,000 mark milestone will be reached after the contest ends (regrettably).

    Guess 1. 5pm, 11/7/2011
    Guess 2. 3pm, 11/25/2011

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