What Investment is Required to Launch Affiliate Program?

On Tuesday (October 18, 2011) the newest issue of FeedFront, the official magazine of Affiliate Summit, has become available for online viewing and download. In it, on page 18, you will find my new article, which answers the question in the title of this blog post — what money should an advertiser/merchant should be prepared to spend when starting an affiliate marketing program.

There are 3 major components to keep in mind:

  1. Platform — whether an affiliate network, or affiliate program software on which your program will be run
  2. Creatives, Feed, Landing pages — banners, video, product data feed, landing pages (make sure you also budget for ongoing optimization of these)
  3. Management — whether it’s gonna be someone in-house, or an OPM agency, you do want to budget for it too

My article concludes:

The sum total of all of the above … expenditure points can vary anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. In the past I have launched programs with as little as a $300 investment to as much as $9,000… much will depend on your or your company’s own involvement in the affiliate program’s setup, launch and management.

You may read the online version of FeedFront Magazine issue 16 by clicking the image of my article below:

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